Criminal (Felony and Misdemeanor)

     Our law firm represents people facing both misdemeanor and felony charges in all state and federal courts in Mississippi for a wide variety of cases ranging from serious drug possession, drug trafficking, identity theft, simple assault, domestic violence, to as simple as driving under the influence ("DUI" or "DWI"). As a former government prosecutor, former law enforcement officer, and practicing attorney with more than 24 years experience, Mr. Foxworth has special knowledge, background and skills that he is ready to use to fight for you and your rights. It is important that you select a lawyer like Mr. Foxworth who understands your constitutional rights and will take a stand to see that you received adequate due process. If you are reading this because you are facing criminal charges, I encourage you not to delay. Put attorney John. A. Foxworth Jr., along with our other attorneys and Law Office staff to work for you. After almost three decades of practice, we are well equipped for litigation and always prepare for trial.


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