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We provide legal peace of mind.

     Foxworth Law Office builds relationships with clients based on sincerity, trust, openness, and a dedication to maintaining the highest levels of client service and confidence. We believe the character of these relationships makes us unlike most other law firms.

     Legal issues directly affecting the well-being of your family, business or financial standing can be challenging matters to address alone. With your financial and emotional well-being on the line, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in finding the resolutions you need to protect yourself, your family or your business.

     We work in partnership with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur.

     Since 1991, attorney John A. Foxworth Jr. has offered experienced and flexible legal assistance to his clients throughout the State of Mississippi. Here at Foxworth Law Office our Attorneys leverage a wide breadth of legal knowledge, experience and relationships to offer assistance to our clients facing issues form a number of practice areas, all while working diligently to ensure that your best interests are met throughout the process.

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     John A. Foxworth Jr., Attorney At Law provides quality legal representation for Immigration Law, Family Law and criminal defense cases. John A. Foxworth Jr. received his undergraduate B.A. from Spring Hill College in 1988, his Juris doctorate degree from Mississippi College School of Law in 1991, and has been practicing law for the past 24 years. Mr. Foxworth personally oversees the handling of all cases himself and he is the experienced attorney you need for Adjustment of Status, Asylum, Deportation proceedings, Executive action, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Paternity, Mideameanor criminal charges, Felony criminal charges, Expungements, and more. At Foxworth Law Office, you will receive individualized attention and one-on-one time with Mr. Foxworth (who speaks both English and Spanish), along with Attorney timely follow-ups to phone calls and e-mail.

Beware of "notaries" and other so called "professionals"

     Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to the United States seeking opportunities of a better life. However, the dream can turn into a nightmare if those immigrants don't follow certain rules, and it is not uncommon to see immigrants being deported for mistakes that could have been avoided.

     The immigration laws in the United States are extremely complex. Filing an immigration application involves a lot more than simply filling out forms. A comprehensive evaluation of the applicant's immigration and criminal histories is very important in an attempt to avoid bad results.

     Unfortunately, it is very common to see certain "professionals" taking advantage of the immigrants' lack of knowledge. In a desperate attempt to find someone who will tell them what they want to hear, many immigrants fall prey to these "professionals," who can be licensed attorneys or not. In reality, those "professionals" are only interested in taking the immigrant's money and could care less about how their actions would affect the immigrant and his/her family.

     An immigrant's decision of hiring theses types of "professionals" is likely based on price. However, more often than not the cheap turns a lot more expensive because the immigrant ends up having to hire a real professional to fix all the mistakes initially made, if they're in fact fixable. Don't be one of their victims. Hire competent counsel to help you. You are encouraged to do your homework, see 2-3 different experienced immigration attorneys, and pick the one with whom you feel most comfortable. Your homework will pay off in the end.


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